Tuesday, August 14, 2012

bizperc Member Spotlight: IM For Solos

Meet Shea Glenny—Internet marketing strategist and founder of IM For Solos.  Launching her own business happened the way it does for many entrepreneurs out there—with a passion. Shea decided she wanted to help people, but not the way her pre-med degree would suggest. After a few years in the nonprofit workforce, Shea decided to make a major life change.  She wanted to make the life of a small business owner easier after discovering that marketing can add value to people’s lives.

Her company, IM For Solos, does just that.  Formalized a year ago, Shea and a group of hardworking contractors help startups with everything from SEO to web banner advertising. 

So why should you put your business in the hands of IM for Solos? This company focuses on business owners who are hands-on. Shea’s goal is to become your trusted advisor.  She’s always available to phone, email, text or Skype her clients and attempts to get to know them like the back of her hand.  Plus, if you live in Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas or Nevada, she’ll come meet face-to-face with you for a reduced travel fee (she gets to visit family while you get to meet the brains behind the biz. Win-win!).

Her favorite part of coworking at bizperc? “It’s a great hub for business activity. It’s quiet, you can meet with clients and network and it’s a positive environment. You realize you’re not alone.” Being an entrepreneur can be tough at its worst, but being surrounded by other startups, people who are going through the same problems, really helps Shea stay sane.

Shea Thinks Big when she has a high vantage point or view of an expansive body of water. Physically broadening her perspective, like on the rooftop at bizperc, gives her brain has freedom to come up with a big solution.

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