Sunday, August 12, 2012

In-depth with the Think Big i-Team: Brennan Power

This summer, Think Big Partners proudly took on its biggest project of all—managing 9 rockstar interns!  We were so excited to bring on these 9 eager students that we felt like we had to come up with name for them—they are now known as the i-Team. We can’t wait to teach the i-Team all about the world of entrepreneurship, startups, marketing and all things in between.  Learn more about i-Team member Brennan Power, one of our four copywriter interns.

 Brennan Power
SECRET FUN FACT: Great artist, specifically drawing.

As the summer comes to a close for the i-Team, we at Think Big would like to showcase the final piece of the i-Team puzzle: our fourth copywriter, Brennan Power. Mr. Power is somewhat of an international man of mystery.  In fact, he was late to the party known as the i-Team this summer because he was studying abroad down under in Melbourne, Australia.

So what have we learned about Brennan in his short stint at TBP? For starters, Brennan is a lifelong citizen of Kansas City, Missouri. A graduate of Pembroke Hill, like fellow i-Team member Max Gall, Brennan was a phenomenal two-sport athlete in his high school days, wielding a mean stick in both hockey and lacrosse. In high school, Brennan was also the president of the Spanish club, which like any presidency, yielded the amazing perk of a free Chipotle burrito every month. Talk about power! But Brennan made sure he was not above the people.  In fact, whenever asked, he would willingly lend his skill as an artist to teachers and classmates by designing flyers for events and clubs around the school.

After graduating high school, Brennan embarked to the east coast to attend Boston College. Brennan will head back to school in a little less than a month to start his senior year and graduate with a degree in history and sociology.  As an avid volunteer, Brennan spends a lot of his time in the intercity school reading program Jumpstart. In this program, Brennan helps teach students reading and writing skills.

Brennan’s love for sports has also continued into his college years.  Brennan is a member of the Boston College intramural club hockey team.

During breaks from school, Brennan enjoys music blogging to stay current with the hottest hits. He also enjoys hiking and sees it as a great way to relax and take in fresh air.

Now time for the golden question: How does Brennan Think Big? Brennan likes to be original and sees it important for a person to stay true to themselves and their style. As he puts it, “It’s the best way to become successful.  People appreciate that and can see that it’s genuine.” 

We look forward to the exciting things Brennan has in store and are delighted to welcome him to the team!

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