Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your mobile app is one out of 500,000. How will yours get found?

There are a lot of apps.  No one cares about yours.

Ever feel this way?  If you’re an app developer or mobile entrepreneur, chances are, you have.  And we don’t blame you.  There are 500,000+ different apps in the Apple Store alone.  Chances are, yours won’t stand out.

But Juggernaut Interactive, a creative technology lab based out of Omaha, Nebraska, is looking to change this mentality.  This young, Midwestern startup is dedicated to helping to bring new ideas into fully-functioning online communities...and getting people to care about them.

Founded and run by Brian Daniel and Tom Duggin, Juggernaut Interactive was launched after its two co-founders noticed an overwhelmingly broad opportunity in the mobile space one year ago.  Lucky for the two (and the entire Juggernaut team), the company is ahead of the app curve by about six months (which is huge in the app industry). 

“More things are moving to mobile,” says Brian Daniel, CEO of Juggernaut Interactive, “it’s an extremely compelling business.”

Juggernaut specializes in incubating product ideas (such as mobile apps) and prepping them for “production phase”.  As soon as an app is ready, it goes through a process run by Electric Human.  Electric Human is the space where Juggernaut designs innovative concepts and builds prototypes, platforms and services that they’re passionate about.

Juggernaut’s most recent creation is an app known as Due Date, which will be rolled out soon.  The app is a stork delivery game which will be featured in the Apple Store in just a matter of weeks.   According to Brian, Tom and Laurin Hogan, interactive producer at Juggernaut, the app is different from other mobile games in the market because it is nurturing rather than destructive.

But Juggernaut’s genius goes far beyond app game development.  The company, although only a year old, has helped build apps and other tech developments for national brands such as Werner Enterprises, Omaha Steaks, All State, Geico, Hard Rock, McDonald’s and more. 

Juggernaut Interactive, along with its Electric Human platform, hope to continue to grow in the mobile and app development space for other national brands.  Want to follow Juggernaut’s successes?  Follow Juggernaut online at  


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  2. Juggernaut Interactive was launched after its two co-founders noticed an overwhelmingly broad opportunity in the mobile space one year ago

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