Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Think Big Partners and Denver-based Solopreneur Launch Bodeefit Windows 8 App

P90X.  Crossfit.  MyFitnessPal.  They’re all great fitness solutions, but none of them address a problem that many workout-enthusiasts look to solve—the problem of workout barriers.

You know what we mean:  the costs of gym membership, the high price of personal trainers, the motivation to get to the gym, the lack of education about nutrition, time to work out...the list goes on and on.  These are all barriers that prevent us from providing ourselves with healthy lifestyles.
Lucky for us, Adam Griffin, Kansas City native and Denver-based solopreneur is looking to eliminate all fitness barriers with one simple solution—Bodeefit.

Bodeefit is a free application that sends daily Crossfit-inspired workouts, healthy Paleo-inspired recipes and tips to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The app sends Crossfit and bootcamp-style workouts to a user’s email Inbox or mobile phone every morning and does not require gym membership or workout equipment.  Bodeefit also incorporates a daily nutrition guide and sends Paleo-inspired recipes, courtesy of PaleOMG owner, Juli Bauer.

Griffin has also teamed up with Think Big Partners and has outsourced the startup accelerator as the “tech talent” behind the build-phase of Bodeefit.

“The natural evolution of Bodeefit is into the app marketplace, whether that be web-based or mobile,” says Griffin.  “Given Think Big Partners’ relationship with Microsoft, Blake Miller [partner at Think Big Partners] approached me about getting an app into the Windows 8 app store and the opportunity was a great fit.”

“We have used this not only as an opportunity to build a killer app, but also to explore the Windows 8 platform,” says Blake Miller.  “We want to build on it, experience it and then help others do the same.  This is a tremendous opportunity for both Bodeefit and Think Big Partners for discovering a new distribution channel.”

Bodeefit launched last week and currently has about 2,000 users.  The startup also boasts a solid, early-on following with almost 1,500 Facebook followers.  Griffin’s plan is to continue to grow the Bodeefit community organically and introduce new products along the way.

“I am incredibly motivated to reach as many people as possible with Bodeefit,” says Griffin.  “We genuinely improve someone’s life in a way that carries far beyond fitness.  I am regularly receiving emails and messages from people thanking me for Bodeefit and what we provide, and there is literally no better feeling in the world than knowing we touched a person’s life in a small way.”

Bodeefit is currently looking for users to try the free application by joining at  The startup has been bootstrapped by Griffin himself.  To connect further with Griffin or to learn more about Bodeefit, be sure to connect on Twitter @Bodeefit.

How does Adam Griffin, founder of Bodeefit, Think Big?  “I Think Big by thinking little. Companies need dreamers, but arguably more than that—they need do-ers. People that can take an idea, figure out the steps needed to bring that idea to life and execute on those steps. Because ideas don’t work. People do.”


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