Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why Do We Need Mompreneurs?

In honor of Mother’s Day (don’t forget—it’s on Sunday, May 12!) we would like to honor all of the diaper-changing, meeting-holding, snot-wiping, money-making, up-all-night moms out there who aren’t just great parents, but are great entrepreneurs as well.  The term “mompreneur” (mom + entrepreneur) is here to stay—and we should be thankful. 

According to an article in Inc. magazine back in January, mompreneurs represent a very talented and motivated workforce.  They represent buying power and they know how buying decisions are made.  Plus, many of them have MBAs or great professional experience, plus something that many other entrepreneurs lack—patience.

But there’s more to mompreneurs that meets the eye (believe it or not).  In fact, mompreneurs differ from regular entrepreneurs in a number of different ways.  For instance:

  • Mompreneurs prefer to work from home so they can run the business and be with their kids at the same time
  • Mompreneurs are willing to forgo large salaries in order to grow a part of the business that makes the most sense for them
  • Mompreneurs have a lot of experience in organization and running businesses (after all—running a household is a lot like running a business...sometimes crazier)
  • Mompreneurs are the ultimate multi-taskers, when many entrepreneurs may struggle to do more than one thing at the same time
  • Mompreneurs specialize in “swapping hats”—one moment they will be CEO, the next they will be janitor

A mompreneur’s most important role in the startup world is perhaps inspiration.  We look up to mompreneurs the way we look at Wonder Woman—how does she do it all in one day?  How does she juggle everything?  How does she wear so many hats?  How is she not exhausted?  Those are questions that only mompreneurs can answer.  But if she can do it, maybe you can too.

We have recognized many amazing women and mompreneurs in some of our past blogs and articles and this Mother’s Day we thought it best to revisit a few of them.  Go ahead—take a read at some of our favorites and then don’t forget to run to the grocery store and grab Mom a bouquet of flowers (you know we wouldn’t let you forget)!


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